News USA Airplay

Thanks to the following stations in America for playing ‘Evergreen’ in the last week. It’s much appreciated.

IndieSF Internet “Regular Rotation” (2x)
KACV Amarillo, TX “Under The Radar”
KBZT San Diego, CA “FTP”
KFMG Des Moines, IA “Dirt Road Radio”
KKSM San Marcos, CA “Music Caravan”
KOPA Pala, CA “Music Caravan”
KPFT Houston, TX “Sound Awake”
KTCL Denver, CO “Adventure University”
Spy FM Internet “Regular Rotation” – Heavy Rotation
WBJB Monmouth, NJ “FM Showcase”
WBJB Internet “Altrok” – Medium Rotation
WEQX Manchester, VT “Going Underground”
WKZQ Myrtle Beach, SC “Flight Test”
XTRA San Diego, CA “FTW”

Thanks also to Substance, co for working on this campaign with us.

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