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News ‘I Dream Of Wires’ documentary

            John Foxx, Benge and Gary Numan were all recently interviewed for a new documentary about Modular Synthesizers. All three were interviewed at Benge’s studio in London. For more info about the I Dream Of … Read the rest of this entry

News ‘Shatterproof’ and ‘He’s A Liquid’ from Madrid show

Photo by Carmen Soma.

News ‘Hiroshima Mon Amour’ in Madrid
News Gary Numan & John Foxx at Benge’s Maths’ studio

Gary Numan was recently filmed by the BLOC festival at Benge’s Maths studio in London. Gary talks about the impact the first three Ultravox albums – Ultravox!, Ha! Ha! Ha! and Systems Of Romance had on his own pioneering work. … Read the rest of this entry

News The Soft Moon vs John Foxx & The Maths – ‘Evidence’

The track ‘Evidence’ was born naturally out of the two artists’ mutual appreciation for one another. Speaking with Artrocker magazine last year, Luis Vasquez from The Soft Moon had this to say of John Foxx’s influence on his own music: ‘Foxx’s … Read the rest of this entry

News Gazelle Twin remix

Listen to a new mix of Gazelle Twin’s ‘Changelings’ by John Foxx and The Maths HERE It’s one of the tracks on her new The Entire City Remixed album, which you can buy direct from her label. Just visit this link. … Read the rest of this entry

News The Shape Of Things (Released 19/3/2012)

TWO DISC LIMITED EDITION IS AVAILABLE HERE STANDARD 16 TRACK EDITION IS AVAILABLE HERE ‘From exultant motorik to giddy Depeche Mode-like synth pop to the macabre ‘Talk’, The Shape of Things is consistently absorbing, as good as any of Foxx’s … Read the rest of this entry

News John Foxx & The Maths with Matthew Dear

FACT MAGAZINE: Last week, we reported that Matthew Dear was teaming up with John Foxx to re-record ‘Talk’, the third track on the upcoming John Foxx and The Maths record The Shape Of Things. Now, FACT can exclusively present the … Read the rest of this entry

News USA Airplay

Thanks to the following stations in America for playing ‘Evergreen’ in the last week. It’s much appreciated. IndieSF Internet “Regular Rotation” (2x) KACV Amarillo, TX “Under The Radar” KBZT San Diego, CA “FTP” KFMG Des Moines, IA “Dirt Road Radio” … Read the rest of this entry

News Abstraxa

Benge from The Maths has just released a new solo album, Abstraxa: Abstraxa – exploring the outer reaches, using the Buchla Electronic Music Box  The six compositions featured on Abstraxa were realised on a Buchla modular synthesiser. Donald Buchla began … Read the rest of this entry